The SuperKids Reading Program supplements our Anji Play curriculum and gives our teachers more tools and practices to work with as they engage their children in literacy development.

SuperKids enhances the literacy skills development program at One City, beginning with children in our three-year old program. Through SuperKids, teachers emphasize foundational vocabulary development, early reading and writing skills, phonemic awareness, parts of speech, and comprehension and fluency in the English language as a part of our literacy development program.

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Through SuperKids and the EL Education Skills Block, by the time children complete Kindergarten at One City, they will have learned all 26 letters of the English alphabet and one sound for each; write all uppercase and lowercase letters; blend letter-sounds to decode (read) words, segment letter-sounds to encode (spell) basic sight words; read 66 high-frequency Dolch words; and learn different parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms and the ability to categorize words.

The elementary school utilizes The Logic of English to address reading, spelling, and literacy through systematic phonics instruction, spelling rules, and accurate phonemes. The curriculum differentiates instruction to accommodate varying learning levels. The Logic of English focuses on phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension skills, handwriting, spelling, and grammar.

The Logic of English curriculum coupled with the EL Education English Language Arts curriculum also provides One City scholars the comprehension and fluency skills needed for literary and informational texts, as well as writing mechanics, writing process, and different types of writing (narrative, opinion, informative/explanatory).

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