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We must make parenting success and the life success of children the top priority in our country. The future success of our nation, our state and our community depends on it. Centers of education that empower children, families and neighborhoods together will produce the greatest short-term and long-term benefits for everyone. They will produce the greatest return on investment.

How Education Empowers Families and Communities

Education is the engine and the fuel that drives success in the United States of America. Without it, people, businesses,communities and governments fail to achieve to their full potential. With it, they have the opportunity to succeed and contribute to the needs of others.

Disparities in Academic Achievement in Dane County

MMSD Reading Proficiency in grades 3, 4 and 5

Less than 50% of minority students who were tested at MMSD were reading at grade level in grade 3, 4 and 5.

ONE CITY Reading Proficiency Score

ONE CITY’s Black / African American kindergartners and first-graders are more likely to have an increased reading proficiency score than Black/African American students attending an MMSD school.

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