Two-Generation School Model

Through our Two-Generation School Model, we work alongside our families to address their personal, family and professional needs and aspirations, to the extent we are able and is appropriate.

We have worked directly with employers and employment agencies, such as the Urban League of Greater Madison, to help our parents secure employment and job training.

We have helped parents secure faculty positions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, management positions at local retail stores, seasonal employment during summers and holidays, and access to job training programs across the city.

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We have helped parents access family, marital, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and financial planning.

We have also worked with local agencies and hotels to help our parents secure long-term and temporary housing, and have partnered with organizations like Access Community Health to ensure all of our families (and team members) have access to quality health and dental care.

Additionally, we help our parents access recreational, educational and community supports and extended learning opportunities for themselves and their children, including their older children who are not enrolled in our schools.

Many of our families have been able to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison sporting events and Broadway plays at the Overture Center for the Arts, and secure low-costs admissions to the Madison Children’s Museum and a number of other activities via the donations of tickets and funding by our generous donors and partners.

For Example

The Rotary Club of Madison has hosted a special night out for our families at Madison’s popular Concerts on the Square since 2018. Our parents have also represented One City in annual community events hosted by local community organizations such as the 100 Black Men’s Annual Golf Outing, the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Madison Black Chamber of Commerce and Latino Chamber of Commerce dinners and galas, Frostiball and Black Women’s Wellness Day.

We do these things and go the distance with our families because we understand that the health, strength, trajectory and success of children is usually tied to the health, strength, trajectory and success of their parents and the families that raise them.

Picture of a Family for Our 21st century equity agenda section

It is important for families to feel connected, verses isolated, in our community, to have access to recreational, networking and cultural activities in our region, to have opportunities to promote and celebrate their unique cultures as well, to be able to gain access to important education, employment and professional growth opportunities, and to have a network of support that they can rely on and contribute to when needed.

Our goal at One City is to be a resource for these things for our families, and this is what we do every day. There is no other school in Dane County that goes as far as we do with building community with our families.

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