FAST Program for Families

The One City FAST Program serves all children enrolled in One City, and their families.

What is the FAST Program?

FAST® (Families and Schools Together) is an internationally acclaimed parent engagement program that helps children thrive by building strong relationships at home, and between home and school.

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FAST has two parts, the first being an 8-week program where parents meet for 2.5 hours on one evening, every week, for eight weeks.

Parents make meals, engage in scientifically proven engagement activities with their children, and with other parents.

There is also separate time for children and parents to connect separately to play and discuss topics that are important to them. Parents and community members also help coordinate the program each week.

What Families Are Saying

One City Parents and FAST

As a One City parent, you will be notified of the next FAST cycle. We hold three 8-week sessions each year (one in fall, one in the spring and one in the summer annually). There is no fee to participate, only a commitment to complete the 8-week session with your family. Nearly 70 One City families have completed FAST so far.

Picture of a Family for Our 21st century equity agenda section

For more information on FAST, visit

FAST is in more than 40 U.S. states and 20 countries. Also, see FAST in the United Kingdom:

FAST was founded in 1988 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by retired researcher and Social Work professor, Dr. Lynn McDonald (who also serves on One City’s Board of Directors).

FAST Program Partners and Supporters

One City FAST is a partnership between One City Schools and Families and School Together, with financial support from Alliant Energy Foundation, Endres Manufacturing, Evjue Foundation, Madison Community Foundation, United Way of Dane County, Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation and several individual financial contributors and community partners.

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