One City Preschool (OCP) is not a Day Care. We are a Preschool serving children ages 2 trough 4k. We focus on your child’s learning and development that leads to success in grade school and beyond, from the minute your child enrolls in our school.

Daily Plans

Our teachers complete daily lesson plans and classroom plans, complete daily observations on your child that you receive at the end of each day and ensure that our classrooms always provide a stimulating and beneficial learning environment.

One City offers a technology-free classroom environment. Our children do not use handheld devices or computers in their classrooms. The only exception are assessments our children may complete to determine their learning growth and development.

Joy and Learning

We begin teaching basic literacy and math to children as young as 2 years old. We do it through reading, games, daily routines and teacher-supported play. We make sure our children have things to play with that provide a physical and intellectual benefit.

Our 4k Program

We also offer a tuition-free full-day 4K program unlike other local public schools that offer half-day 4K programs. Our 4K is still located at our preschool location due to the fact that they still play in our AnjiPlay curriculum, where are students are encouraged to be problem solvers and independent thinkers.

Preschool Facility

This 10,238 square feet facility has eight large classrooms with child-sized bathrooms attached to every classroom, a commercial kitchen, laundry room, teacher resource room, six garden plots, two playgrounds, two large storage areas and seven administrative offices. Madison’s Penn Park is also located one block from the facility and it shares an external playground with the Boys and Girls Club as well.
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Our Preschool Programs

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Anji Play Early Learning Program

AnjiPlay is a national standard for development and learning for children enrolled in kindergarten in China. It was developed and tested by Ms. Cheng Xueqin, Superintendent of 130 public kindergartens that serve 14,000 children ages 3 to 6 in Anji County, China. All children in China are required to attend kindergarten from ages 3 to 6. The government and parents each contribute towards the cost of kindergarten education. One City is the first AnjiPlay school site outside of Mainland China.

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SuperKids Reading Program

The SuperKids Reading Program supplements our Anji Play curriculum and gives our teachers more tools and practices to work with as they engage their children in literacy development.

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Conscious Discipline

One City recognizes that one of the keys to success in school and life is social-emotional regulation.

Our AnjiPlay approach to educating young children allows children to flourish and have confidence in themselves as learners and as individuals.

Welcome to One City Preschool

Greetings All!

Dear Families

Welcome to One City Preschool! We are so excited that you are considering us for your child’s early childhood education. In 2015, our school opened its doors to eight children with the significant goal of bridging the achievement gap in Madison. Understanding that these early years are crucial to brain development and to a child’s sense of self, we seek to stem the gap before it even begins. One City seeks to ensure that every child sees themselves as capable and competent. We are committed to providing a comfortable, caring and nurturing learning environment for young children, and we take our jobs seriously!

By making One City your school home, your child will grow to love their teacher, classmates and our school, and will come home talking about all the wonderful things they did and learned throughout their day. In order to accomplish this goal we chose to become the first pilot site for the AnjiPlay Curriculum in the United States.  AnjiPlay was first developed in Anji County, China, and has now become the main early childhood curriculum for all of China. The five principles of AnjiPlay include Love, Joy, Engagement, Risk, and Reflection. Teachers of the AnjiPlay curriculum believe that real learning happens through exploration, discovery, and reflection not direct instruction. This belief helps our students to build strong social-emotional skills and become independent learners with high levels of inquiry. These skills help build students to become successful scholars in our One City Elementary School. Each of our classrooms has two teachers, who spend much of their time seeking to understand each child, who they are, how they learn and to share in the joy as the children discover the world around them.  Our teachers also participate in weekly professional development to make sure that they are also growing in their practice as teachers of young children.  

Our care does not end with ensuring the growth of young minds.  We have an on-site chef and assistant chef to ensure that our students’ bodies are well nourished and prepared for all the work of growing and learning. Today, while our goal remains the same, we have grown to serve eighty-two students, and we still have room to grow.

We at One City believe strongly in building a strong sense of community. Not only do we nurture and facilitate children’s growth, development and learning, we are also dedicated to partnering with and serving their parents as well. We will do whatever we can to assist parents with identifying and achieving their personal and professional goals, and the goals of their family. Working together facilitates and promotes success among our children, our families, our school and our community. When a child enrolls as a student at One City, their family becomes a part of our One City Family. Classroom teachers rely on parents and families as a child’s most important teacher to work with us to understand our students and open up a world of discovery to them.  We have many opportunities for parent involvement.  Our parents are encouraged to join our Parent Council and participate in our monthly parent meetings, and families are asked to take part in our outstanding F.A.S.T. program.

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Mr. Bryce Pickett

During your time at One City, we pledge to work with you and your child to ensure that they truly have a high quality and beneficial learning experience. It is an honor and a privilege to have an opportunity to be a part of this amazing community we have created.

Thank you,

Mr. Bryce Pickett
Preschool Director

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