We are building the future for Wisconsin’s Children

In October 2021, we launched the We Are One Capital Campaign to establish a world-class K-12 education campus in South Madison/Monona that will prepare children across Wisconsin to succeed and lead in the future.
Pleasant T. Rowland Leadership Campus Front Door

The Pleasant T. Rowland Leadership Campus

Our goal is a fully renovated 157,000 square-foot school facility, outdoor playgrounds and recreational space and a new 165,000 square-foot athletic center that will be open to community use beyond school hours
Picture of a Family for Our 21st century equity agenda section

Solving the Achievement and Opportunity Gap  in our Community

Because of its location, the campus will primarily serve one of Wisconsin’s most racially, ethnically and socio-economically diverse communities.

Prepare Our Scholars for Success

We will offer a dynamic and transformational education program that will prepare young people to succeed in core subjects, while also engaging them in early college and career learning opportunities before they graduate from high school.

We Need You to Make This Vision Come to Life and Help Us to Produce Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Community Challenges

In local public elementary schools, only 12% of Black and 16.7% of Latinx students read at grade level

One City Schools, Inc. was established in 2014 to seed a new model of public education that ensures young children are on track to succeed in a college or career preparatory program from birth through high school graduation.

In Dane County, 58% of Black families and 55% of Latinx families live in poverty

When you invest in One City Schools, you are investing in Madison

Why Now?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, child care and K-12 education were fragile industries. Most working families could not afford the high cost of quality child care.

Tremendous teacher shortages, along with low retention rates among educators in early childhood and K-12 education, left schools operating in a state of emergency as they worked to provide high-quality instruction and learning opportunities for their students.

Picture of a Family for Our 21st century equity agenda section

Likewise, persistent low rates of school achievement, attainment and opportunity gaps among Black, Latinx and Southeast Asian youth in Dane County continued to define the educational outcomes of our region’s most vulnerable young people, and predicted the challenges future generations would have in benefiting from and contributing to Greater Madison’s growing economy.

Our Commitment

In the midst of a global pandemic, One City’s students exceeded ‘pre-COVID’ growth rates in reading among their peers nationally.

We also relocated and opened our elementary school in three days (August 2020); stayed open the entire 2020-21 school year, provided $120,000 in lost-income relief to our families; pushed our innovations forward despite the tremendous challenges we experienced; taught in a longer school day and year format; kept our learning community safe and secure with zero COVID transmissions at our schools; and recruited the most diverse staff among K-12 schools in South Central Wisconsin.

Developing great schools is not easy. Developing transformational schools is even harder. However, it can be done.

Picture of a Family for Our 21st century equity agenda section

With your support, we will fulfill our mission. Moreover, we will demonstrate how communities of diverse but like-minded people who care about children can come together and create extraordinary learning environments that enable them to reach their full potential.

The Project

By supporting our campaign, you’ll contribute to the renovation and construction of our education campus, and help us realize the totality of our vision for children. We need financial contributors, programmatic partners and volunteers to make this vision come to life. To date, we’ve used our resources to deliver on our promises.
Pleasant T. Rowland Leadership Campus Front Door

School Facility

Through this campaign, One City will raise $26 million in phase one to purchase and fully renovate the 157,000 square foot office building  that it is converting into a school facility.
Science Lab
Collaboration Space

Athletic Center

One City will then raise an additional $50 million (in phase two) to construct a 165,000 square foot multi-use athletic center that will be open for community use outside of school hours.
Pleasant T. Rowland Leadership Campus Front Door

Help us Build our Campus and Schools

Pleasant T. Rowland Leadership Campus Front Door

Now more than ever, we need your support and partnership!

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