EL Education, formerly known as “Expeditionary Learning”, is an exciting whole-school educational program that enables us to involve all learners in a dynamic, creative, project-based and student-centered learning program that keeps children excited, engaged and appropriately challenged in the learning process.

We began implementing EL in our school with our 5-year-olds during the 2018-19 school year, and will continue to utilize the program until we reach a full compliment of 328 students in grades 4K – 6. Click below to view a few brief videos about EL education.

Take a look at some EL Education School Videos

With EL’s award winning K8 ELA Curriculum, its unique focus on Crew, and the opportunity teachers have to engage our young scholars in experiential learning methods tailor-made to their interests and the needs of the communities in which they live, One City will enhance the learning environment and teacher-guided learning activities for our children. The result of our approach are teachers who are well-prepared and excited to teach, and children who are excited and ready to learn.

If children continue their education with One City through elementary and middle school, the complexity of the projects they will engage in will increase. EL also provides exceptional learning, planning and professional growth opportunities for our teachers and support staff, including the ability to collaborate with teachers and peers across EL’s network of more than 150 schools.

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We currently serve scholars preschool through sixth grade as well as ninth and tenth grade. Seventh, eighth, eleventh and twelfth grades will be added in the coming years.

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