Our Purpose and Approach to Learning

We are dedicated to working with parents and the community to cultivate children who are capable of and committed to empowering others and changing the world, their families and their communities for the better as they mature into adulthood.

Our teachers work hard every day to cultivate eager, innovative, inquisitive and precocious minds among our children. Our curriculum engages children in deep, play-based, student-driven and creative learning that builds their knowledge, skills, curiosity, creativity, vocabulary, pre-reading and math ability, and character. It also inspires and builds upon their passion for learning new things, sharing ideas, being thoughtful and innovative, and for helping others.

At One City, your child will build strong relationships, love learning, and receive an excellent education that lays the foundation for their success as students, workers, innovators and leaders in future.
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Additionally, your child will learn about themselves, their community, their family and the world in their classrooms, on field trips, at home and through other special learning opportunities we create for them.

A school like no other in Wisconsin!

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Excitement about learning starts 'before' our children enter kindergarten.
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