Our Commitment to Cultivating Readers and Thinkers

In the fall of 2018, 94% of our children who completed 4K with us began kindergarten ready to succeed. While every child is different, and we work with children from where they are, we hope to produce 100% kindergarten and grade-level readiness every year.

It is our goal that your child will read and comprehend a minimum of 25 words and be able to count and recognize numbers from 1 to 100, before they begin kindergarten. We also want to ensure that they are ready to thrive in a first-grade classroom, where elementary schools begin to accelerate children’s learning of fundamental reading and math skills.

Research indicates that children’s ability to speak and understand the context and use of words provides children with a vital tool for thought. Without fluent and structured oral language, children will find it very difficult to think.
(Jerome Bruner, 1983)
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Furthermore, exposing children to language/words and building their vocabulary serve as the building blocks for their success as readers, communicators and thinkers in early childhood, during grade school and throughout their lifespan. Children with limited exposure to words and who develop limited vocabularies tend to struggle educationally when they begin school. To the contrary, children with large vocabularies tend to succeed in school and beyond.

We know, from experience, that if our parents, teachers, partners and supporters effectively work together, for the benefit of our children, we can help our children achieve to high standards and develop to their full potential.

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