Zataiya Cribbs

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Hi there! I’m Zataiya, the lead 3K Gold teacher at One City Preschool. I grew up on the
southside of Madison so, I feel honored and pretty nostalgic to be back on the southside
where it all began, doing what I love, in a community that I love! My husband and I have
four children, with our youngest three all attending One City Schools. We’re happy we
chose One City for our children because the sense of community that has been
cultivated at One City is unmatched to any other school or program we’ve experienced
thus far.
I started working at One City in August 2021 and have been working in the Early
Childhood Education field since 2007. Over the years I have worked with children
ranging from infants to school agers with my primary focus being older toddlers to
preschoolers. What I enjoy most about working with children is the opportunity to watch
them grow and learn new skills. One thing that working with children has taught me is to
never underestimate the power of planting the seed. We don’t always see the fruits of
our labor instantaneously but the seed has still been planted.