Sue Krug is retired from a varied and successful career in several areas of professional work. She grew up on a small farm near Madison and attended the University of Wisconsin and received her bachelor's degree in elementary education.

After graduation, Sue left for Seattle, Washington where she  received her master's degree in special education from the University of  Washington. She subsequently taught children for 10 years in two school districts in the Seattle area. It  was during this period of her life that Sue developed a strong appreciation for the importance of early  intervention and education as a means to prepare children for school success.  After leaving teaching, Sue worked with IBM in Seattle where she served as an account administrator,  systems engineer and project manager. At IBM, Sue grew in her knowledge and skills of business  administration and sales. After 16 years at the company, Sue and her husband George Krug decided to  return to Madison to pursue their passion and start a wholesale/retail business, Ancora Coffee Roasters.  At Ancora, Sue was able to apply her teaching experience and business acumen to their retail and  roasting operations. In 2013, after building a respected and successful business, Sue and her husband  sold the company and retired.  

Returning to her roots and giving more time to her charitable interests, Sue has served as the board  president of Child Development Incorporated, Dane County's oldest non-religiously affiliated child care  center. She also tutors school-aged children, is involved with serving the community through her church,  and is an avid hiker and cyclist.