Sekani Caire

School Operations Coordinator

I have been with One City starting in the summer of 2016. I spent most of my life growing up on the East Coast having lived and studied in the Prince Georges County school district, attending schools in the cities Mitchellville, and Bowie Maryland. Since moving in 2011 I have attended Madison West High school and studied for several semesters at Madison College.

Working in early education was not my first choice. Growing up I've always had a strong love for the entertainment arts; Intermittently participating in theatre, dance, and even Martial Arts. I like to believe that my purpose in this life is to encourage, inspire, and entertain the spirit of those around me. After all, that is the kind of environment I thrive in. Having worked with One City for 4 going on 5 years, I've very much felt myself living my purpose. Guiding/teaching children as young as two and as old as 5 has taught me many important things about the significance of early education for our small children and the value of their formative years of learning and development.

Throughout my experience, I have learned many valuable things about myself, our families, and the community we share. Every day there is a lesson, a challenge, and a feat faced and gained in this line of work. This is why I am here and why I continue to immerse myself in this process of learning and self-discovery with our youngest scholars!