Jabari Caire

Assistant Teacher

Jabari is the assistant teacher in One City Schools Scholars Academy, as well as a Co-Founder of One City and has been with One City since May 2016.

He co-teaches math, reading/language arts, and writing skills to students at One City schools. Along with his teaching experience, Jabari also brings a few unique skill sets to the table that he uses to help inspire and motivate our young scholars.

He is a creative professional artist with 22 years of experience, as well as being a Licensed UX/UI developer and graphic designer. He is also a Pilot that completed the Tuskegee Airmens (The 1st Black Fighter Pilots of WWll) Flight Academy at Ellington Air Force Base in Houston, Texas, a joint operating base for both Nasa Astronauts & Military Combat Pilots. Where he was awarded his Wings (Pilots License) by the last Surviving Tuskegee Airmen themselves.

Jabari is also a well-learned historian, specializing in African and African-American history in which he will assist One City in developing our History curriculum this year.