David Aguayo

Public Policy Manager

David Aguayo was born, raised, and educated in Madison. A Badger alumnus, he received his bachelor’s in legal studies and criminal justice. David’s extensive experience in policy, government, politics, and law stem from his positions across various industries and entrepreneurship. What started as an internship within the Office of Crime Victim Services in the state Department of Justice, ended as David’s first paid position within state government. Shortly after graduating UW-Madison, David left the DOJ to pursue a legal career and was hired to work in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. Living in the nation’s political hub afforded David unparalleled opportunities. Within months, David was appointed as a Commissioner to the Latino Community Development Commission by Mayor Muriel Bowser of D.C. and served as a legislative intern in the Office of Congressman Pocan. David moved back to Madison in 2019, where he co-managed Kaleem Caire’s campaign for school board. After the elections David went on to serve as Executive Assistant in the Office of the Secretary at the state’s Department of Workforce Development. When the opportunity presented itself to join the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, David joined as Finance Manager. David would also hold the positions of Candidate Services Coordinator and Latino Outreach Director within DPW. When the Democratic Presidential Nominee was announced, David joined the Biden Presidential Campaign as State Director for Latino Coalitions. From the heels of a Presidential Campaign, David turned his focus to the local community where he founded AGUAYO, LLC – a political consulting firm focused on candidates of color and those running for office for the first time. David currently heads the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s political, policy and advocacy matters.