Devon Davis

School Developer

For the past sixteen years, Devon has helped the students, families, faculty, and staff of public and independent schools through their daily challenges by listening, innovating, supporting, and problem-solving.

Since moving to Madison in 2011, Devon has worked as a middle school Division Head and Interim Head of School at Madison Country Day School. In her time at MCDS, the school grew from 250 to 450 students. Devon played a pivotal role in developing student programs and initiatives, building a strong and cohesive leadership team, hiring and mentoring educators, and maintaining the community culture. Before her years at MCDS, Devon served as a school counselor at two schools in North Carolina.

In each of these roles, Devon has prioritized relationship-building with fellow educators, students, and families.Devon graduated with high honors from the College of William & Mary with a degree in psychology. She received a full scholarship to study at Wake Forest University, where she earned her masters of education degree in counseling and became a nationally certified counselor (NCC). Since graduating, Devon has spent her career in education.

She is excited to join the One City team in planning for our future middle and high school programs.